PTM -Internal war between ANP and PkMAP activists

With announcement of elections for provincial assembly in former tribal ares are announced a debate with in Pashtun Tahafuz Movement started about participation in the same. majority o the PTM activists from the tribal merged districts wanted to contest the elections, however, those activists who are from ANP or PkMAP wanted to keep the movement secure from parliamentary process. Those who know the dynamics of the tribal areas, understand the panic with in ANP and PkMAP. Its believed both the parties are lacking young leadership to be awarded tickets. Most of their young activists of both the parties wanted to contest election as an independent and wanted to exploited the popularity they got as activists of the PTM.

بايد تاسي دا هم خوښ کړيي

ځواب ورکئي

آپ کا ای میل ایڈریس شائع نہیں کیا جائے گا.