is trilingual – Pashto, Urdu & English — independent news website. This website covers the news, analyses regarding issues of peace, security, developments, politics, human rights, tourism, environment, art and culture in Pakistan-Afghanistan regions.

The (3Ps) – Peace, Progress and Prosperity – is the main manifesto of PashtunGazette.Com; striving to be achieved for those who lived under the shadows of conflicts, religious militancy, terrorism and proxy wars for decades.

PashtunGazette.Com provides a platform for professional journalists, social and political commentators – from Pakistan and Afghanistan- to work jointly and bring peoples of both countries closer; bridge the mutual mistrust through understanding each other perspectives in their respective languages (Pashtu and Urdu).

It’s a platform countering anti-peace propaganda persistently carried by lobbies –local, regional and international- through various mediums including print and electronic media, wire services and social media.

Why PashtunGazette.Com

Currently, a number of websites and radio broadcasts –local and foreign- with specific agendas are creating hatred and despondency among people straddling along the Durand Line. Looking into the ground situation, one can say, to a larger extent; these agenda-driven outlets succeeded in keeping the region destabilized prolonging the conflicts.

PashtunGazette is an antithesis of these agenda driven outlets. A much needed platform for sane voices.
To achieve the 3Ps; PashtunGazette opted to be in three main languages; Pashtu –national language of Afghanistan; Urdu –national language of Pakistan- and English to reach people – both in Pakistan and Afghanistan- in their own languages; and to the international community. The multi-lingual format provides an opportunity to Journalists, feature writers, social and political analysts from across the border to express their perspectives easily.

A fact:

Pakistan and Afghanistan are the two important countries; uniquely linked on several aspects with stronger ethno-socio-religo-politico and geographical links. The decades-long proxy wars and internecine conflicts in Afghanistan impacted both alike.

Besides hosting millions of Afghans as refugees for decades, Pakistan largely remained part of Afghan conflict in one way or other. Even today thousands of Afghans cross the Pakistani border without visa or other travel documents and Pakistanis visiting Afghanistan the same way. Despite so much commonalities and shared fortunes; it’s unfortunate that a phenomenal trust deficit existed between the two.

State of media coverage:

Pakistan and Afghanistan have, no doubt, vibrant media outlets; however not fully independent and objective. Coverage on both sides remained largely negative.

Pakistani media hardly gives any coverage to social, political or infrastructural developments in Afghanistan. From Afghanistan; news related to bombs blasts, deaths and destruction of infrastructure get coverage, while those of socio-political developments completely ignored.

In Afghanistan the 24/7 media hardly showcase positive aspects of Pak Afghan relations including business, social and political developments. Pakistan is portrayed as the one solely responsible for all deaths and destructions in Afghanistan.

None of Pakistani media house has correspondent in Kabul; or an Afghan media house have in Peshawar – a home of millions of Afghans even today.- or Islamabad.

All the news hitting the Afghan or Pakistani television screens reached Kabul and Islamabad via European or American media sources. That’s via American or European capitals. This situation is coupled with Afghan-Pakistan specific broadcasts in Pashto and Dari languages – mostly indulged in propaganda reporting.


Here comes the PashtunGazette.Com – a platform where news, commentaries and analyses are duly published in Pashto and Urdu languages; enabling Pakistanis and Afghans media professionals and the readers to express and read each their perspectives in their own languages.

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